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About Us:

Our Genesis-How we came to be formed. The company is promoted by -

1. Kancor Ingredients Limited

2. Family members of Mr. Sanjaya Mariwala, the promoter and Managing Director of Kancor Ingredients Limited.

3. OmniActive Health Technologies Limited.

Group Background:

KANCOR group is a Mariwala Family controlled business house comprising several entities specializing in cultivating, processing and curing of different varieties of spices, herbs, flowers, seeds and neutraceuticals from which active ingredients and oils are extracted or refined for applications in Food, Flavour, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical industries. The product portfolio includes several internationally patented products which enjoy a loyal brand recognition. Under the Kancor group following are the Major Business entities.

Kancor Ingredients Limited

Kancor ( as over 35 years of tradition of delivering superior quality ingredients, customized solutions and value for money to a global clientele. Its natural ingredients are designed for a wide spectrum of applications in food, healthcare and personal care products. Its reputation as a Reliable, Responsive and Resourceful partner extends across Spices, Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Botanical raw materials, Colours and Natural Isolates. Kancor is a multi - level value chain partner in the ingredients market, enjoying a unique position as a result of its vertically integrated operations and efficient networking with suppliers, distributors, customers, logistic service providers, research institutions and its group companies.

OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd

OmniActive Health Technologies Limited( by Sanjaya. J. Mariwala is a technology venture in the field of Natural APIs and Novel delivery systems for nutrients and active ingredients. OmniActive is one among the few natural-extract companies who have been awarded with international patents in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. OmniActives manufactures the patent protected Lutemax range Free Lutein and Lutein Esters for food fortification and dietary supplementation. It also manufactures Capsimax Capsicum Extract beadlets range for diet and weight management applications and other carotenoids.OmniActive is one among the few natural-extract companies who have been awarded with international patents in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. OmniActive has also been awarded with the best exporter in its category for Nutraceuticals by Pharmexcil in 2009 and 2010.

Our Vision

To create strong and competitive capabilities in Agriculture and Pre-processing of raw materials, and to focus on all Agriculture and primary processing requirements of the group.

Omnikan Earth Sciences

OMNIKAN is involved in State-of-Art agri-cultivation in different areas in India for various products. OMNIKAN's expertise in producing hybrid seeds, adherence to Good Agricultural Practices and close supervision provides the best feed stock to the Group's manufacturing facilities for sustainable and benchmarked quality production batch-after-batch.

OMNIKAN currently works with farmers across India on growing specific variety of agricultural produce such as Marigold ,Turmeric, Chilli , Ginger, Pepper , Mint , Safflower etc. by providing the farmers access to quality seeds, input materials and complete package of good agricultural practices. OMNIKAN's agricultural network across India and international sites covers over 20,000 acres of land and is supported by its 100 % Buy Back agreement with farmers for whom this is an attractive value proposition. As a part of its future plans, OMNIKAN will be expanding its operations to cover a wide range of specialty crops for food, nutrition and medicinal applications. These raw materials will be procured under OMNIKAN's 100% Buyback program from its farmer network and supplied for industrial applications to group companies. OMNIKAN proposes to expand its base to cover other major agricultural belts in India including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh for developing a bridge between growers and B2B market users for specialized materials.

OMNIKAN has also initiated projects for growing crops under an organic farming network.

Our New Plant at Hassan, Karnataka

We have set up this world-class extraction plant at Hassan in 2012. The innauguration was done by the former Prime Minister of India Sh H D Deve Gowda. [Omnikan manufacturing facility at Hassan]